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Global Market Manager Textile Coating

Can we do without airbags in self-driving vehicles?

AI : threat or opportunity for airbags? Since the first news reports on “driverless” cars that are being tested on the roads, when we are conducting airbags market‘s strategic reviews, every now and then someone would raise their hand and...

/ December 11, 2018

What challenges for the airbags of tomorrow?

News from AIRBAG 2018 Congress On November 26th to 28th took place the AIRBAG 2018 congress in Mannheim, Germany. With more than 600 attendees from all over the world, it was an interesting place to be if one wanted to...

/ December 11, 2018
pedestrian airbags

External airbags for pedestrian protection

With the latest technological innovations seen on the automobile market and the prospects of self-driving cars on the roads for the very near future, the automotive landscape is about to change. As the technologies improve, car manufacturers are proving their...

/ June 29, 2017
infographic airbag manufacturing market

Infographic: Airbag silicone coatings put into perspective with numbers and dates

For the past 20 years, the airbag market has gone through significant changes, while demanding always more in terms of products’ quality and performance. To the untrained eye, the silicone coating on airbags might go completely unnoticed. This nearly invisible...

/ May 18, 2017
Bluestar infographic silicones airbag coating

Timeline infographic: The history of the modern airbag and silicone developments

The very first airbag system, not too far from those we have in our cars nowadays, was first described in 1966 by the NY Times. Since then, equipment manufacturers have been relentlessly working on developing solutions for ever-increased occupants’ safety....

/ May 11, 2017
infographic facts about airbags

Fun facts about airbags— and not just for the automotive sector!

Have you ever wondered how airbags are made, how does it work to make them deploy, how many times they can be used…? Here are some answers! All the facts you may not know about airbags in an infographic About the...

/ April 18, 2017
Future airbags for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles: changing the face of future airbags

Current innovation in the automotive sector has its sights set on developing autonomous or self-driving vehicles. The prospects of this new technology invoke images of an ideal world in which human error no longer results in crashes, mobility is available...

/ April 6, 2017
Silicones and organics for airbag coatings

Airbag coatings: the battle between silicones and organics

New organic materials for coating textiles have popped up on the market, thus putting into question the future of silicone coatings. However, rest assured because silicones are our present, and our future. Their properties are unrivaled by any other organic...

/ January 25, 2017
Textile material treatment

Treating automotive textiles with silicone coatings

Although somewhat overlooked by the automotive industry, silicone coatings can in fact be used on the interior upholstery of cars such as on seat and door fabrics. Silicone can be sprayed or coated on dry fabric, or soaked into fabric....

/ November 10, 2016
Deployed airbag

Silicone coatings: keeping performance in check, so airbags can save lives

Talk about a serious challenge. Airbags were indeed designed to save lives and limit the severity of injuries during a car crash, but exactly how do they fulfill this vital requirement? Silicone coatings actually play a significant role in optimal...

/ October 6, 2016