Silicone essentials

Let’s talk about general informations! Silicone has a lot of properties, some less known than others. Have a look on the articles below and learn the whole potential of silicone products.

Want to save some weight? Silicone foam can help

Decrease your density with silicone foam. Elkem Silicones’ commitment to sustainability, waste reduction, and improved efficiency are foundational principles to shape the future. Silicone chemistry is naturally formulated to protect against chemical and environmental conditions yielding prolonged product longevity. Low...

/ November 4, 2019
adhesive films

A growing trend: adhesive films for quick and easy car customization

Adhesive films were initially used as decals on cars to display advertising or post information. With major advances being made in adhesive technology, there is now a growing trend to use full wrapping techniques to protect paint jobs and conveniently...

/ December 5, 2017
infographic where silicones in a car

Infographic: Where can you find silicone in a car?

Ever wonder how and where silicone is used in car manufacturing? Check out our new infographic. You can hover your cursor over different parts of the image to discover where silicone is used in a car: As you explore our...

/ June 2, 2017
infographic airbag manufacturing market

Infographic: Airbag silicone coatings put into perspective with numbers and dates

For the past 20 years, the airbag market has gone through significant changes, while demanding always more in terms of products’ quality and performance. To the untrained eye, the silicone coating on airbags might go completely unnoticed. This nearly invisible...

/ May 18, 2017
Bluestar infographic silicones airbag coating

Timeline infographic: The history of the modern airbag and silicone developments

The very first airbag system, not too far from those we have in our cars nowadays, was first described in 1966 by the NY Times. Since then, equipment manufacturers have been relentlessly working on developing solutions for ever-increased occupants’ safety....

/ May 11, 2017
Tests of silicones

Putting silicones to the ultimate test

Testing, testing… 1,2,3. Is this thing on? Can everyone hear me? (clearing of throat). For every property of silicone there is a silicone-based product. That translates into a whole lot of products, and therefore a whole lot of testing. Before...

/ March 16, 2017
gaskets silicon

Gasket history 101: from cork to silicone

Gaskets in Automotive engine have been around for more than a century. The changes they have undergone over the years paint a clear picture of how the automotive industry has also evolved. Elkem Silicones has been able to adapt its...

/ March 10, 2017
Paint job on car with silicone additives

Achieving the perfect paint job with silicone additives

No mistake, we did indeed say silicone and paint in the same sentence. For a long time, automotive manufacturers have been misinformed about the real relationship between silicone and paint. You even mention the word and they are already slamming...

/ January 12, 2017
Temperatures protection silicone

Silicone protects your car from temperature highs and lows

From sub-degree weather to tropical climates, we use our cars every day and we expect our cars to work no matter the temperature outside. However, have you ever stopped to think about the impact extreme temperatures can have on your...

/ October 24, 2016
Automotive industry assembly

Glossary: The ABCs of silicone sealants for industrial assemblies

Industrial and automotive assemblies must ensure tightness with air, cooling liquid,  lubricant, or simply water. Seals confine substances within a compartment and prevent them from mixing with other substances, thus ensuring retention and exclusion at the same time.

/ October 17, 2016