In late November 2016, Elkem Silicones attended the Silicone Elastomer World Summit, also known as the home of the global elastomers industry. Over 100 manufacturers and academics came together in Cologne, Germany to discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from emerging applications and manufacturing techniques to improvements and advancements in processes and testing.

The Silicone Elastomer World Summit is an event that welcomes experts and key industry players from around the world to deliver and participate in presentations on topics in the silicone elastomer sector. In addition, it offers networking opportunities to help industry professionals attain their business goals. Held over the course of three half days, the 2016 edition of the event was dedicated to silicones, additives for increasing silicone performance, and processes and machines for silicones. For more detailed information on the program, visit the event website at

Silicone Elastomer World Summit: A fruitful experience for Elkem Silicones

Over the course of two days, Elkem Silicones participated in conferences and promoted their solutions and applications in tabletop discussions and over coffee. They presented their projects, new applications and technology and met with potential customers, with or without appointments.

At the end of the event, Elkem Silicones walked away with a wealth of ideas. We made many contacts, met with partners to present them with our solutions and consolidated potential channels. We also gained new ideas on how to innovate silicone in order to give it thermoconductive and electroconductive properties. Lastly, we learned about the innovations taking place in the 3D printing sector. For example, silicone has created many new possibilities in this sector for creating low-cost prototypes of car parts.

All in all, it was a great opportunity for Elkem Silicones to remain on the forefront of the latest trends in the silicone industry.

Vincent Chartron

Posted by Vincent Chartron

Business Development Manager REI