In addition to their silicone solutions, Elkem Silicones also offers webinars. On June 13th, it held a webinar titled “Can silicones substitute traditional polymers in some cable applications?”. The webinar was led by Elkem Silicones expert Mehdi Abbadi, Global Business Manager for Silicone Rubber, who has been working in the polymer sector as a part of senior management for fifteen years. Many people signed up to join the webinar and exchanges with participants were very rewarding during this session. Don’t worry if you missed out the webinar. We made the recording and presentation of the webinar available for you to download at your convenience.


Polymers and cables

During the webinar, Mehdi Abbadi and Vincent Chartron (Business Development Manager for Silicone Rubber) discussed how different polymers can improve cable performance and profitability. He also explained which polymer best suits the different cable applications. In this presentation, you will learn more about the following topics:

  • The wire and cable market and their applications including fire protection, data and energy transmission, transport, energy collection, domestic appliances, and more.
  • Which polymer (PVC, polyolefins, HFFR, etc.) is best suited to each application.
  • Reasons why to choose silicone rubber. For example, did you know that silicone inherently resists extreme temperatures and fire and that these properties are enhanced when it is compounded?
  • Latest innovations in silicone for cables.

5 reasons to download the webinar video

1/ Downloading is completely free of charge.

2/ You can watch the video whenever you like and go back or forward as much as you like.

3/ The video includes the Q&A session.

4/ You can also download the entire Powerpoint presentation.

5/ You will gain valuable knowledge about Elkem Silicones and their products.

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