Holidays are just around the corner and they go hand in hand with congested roads and stressed out drivers. Before you hit the road, put your knowledge to the test with our quiz: do you know what it takes to ensure car safety for long road trips?

According to a study conducted by Michelin in late May this year, summertime gives drivers a false sense of safety. With “good” weather conditions, drivers tend to let their guard down, thinking they don’t need to check their cars as often because summer driving conditions seem safer than the icy and wet winter roads. However, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more accidents actually occur in summertime. The findings of the Michelin study are striking:

  • 8 out of 10 respondents admit that they drive less safely in the summer.
  • 3/4 of drivers say they pay less attention to other drivers during summer than in the winter.

Take the car safety quiz and test your knowledge

Don’t be fooled by the warm temperatures and sunny days. When it comes to checking your car, going on summer vacation is no different than jumping in the car and heading to work in winter. With more drivers on the road and each one of them eager to reach their holiday destination, you need to make sure your car is in good running conditions if you don’t want to become just another road accident statistic this summer.

To enjoy a hassle-free vacation and check if your car is ready for a road trip, test your knowledge about car safety by answering our quiz. It consists of 10 short multiple-choice questions on a variety of topics related to car safety, from tire pressure to car loads. See how you shape up!

1. What is the right tire pressure for a loaded car?

2. How many kilometers can you drive after the brake pad warning light goes on?

3. What happens when a blinker is broken?

4. When it comes to your A/C, what should you check for?

5. What could happen if you are low on brake fluid?

6. What object is not useful for a road trip?

7. Where should you place your heavy luggage?

8. What is the maximum weight roof racks are designed to hold?

9. How much more gas will you consume per 100 kg?

10. What do you not need to check before leaving?

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