That long-awaited vacation is just around the corner and amidst the packing and last-minute preps, we have to stop and think about the safety of our cars to ensure they make and don’t break our trip.

Hotels booked…check! Suitcases packed…check!  House-sitter, pet-sitter…check, check! Everything seems to be in order for your vacation… but what about your car? Have you checked it to make sure it is safe to drive all those miles to your destination and back? Do you even know what to check? Well, lucky for you we’ve made a slideshare with a list of ten major elements in your car you should check before fastening your seatbelts and hitting the road. Read on for a sneak peek.

4 main elements for a good car check-up


Tires are your car’s only point of contact with the road. If they are not properly inflated, they can affect braking performance and create a bumpy ride for passengers. According to a French study carried out in May 2013, half of drivers check their tires only 3 times a year when they should be checking them every month!


Brakes are your main protection mechanism against accidents and take a beating during stop and go traffic. If your brakes are worn out, it means you will have a longer stopping distance. Before setting off, think about getting your brakes checked.

Signals and brake lights

Signals and brake lights are extremely important because they tell other drivers what your intentions are and allow them to anticipate their moves. If a blinker is broken, other drivers on the road won’t know if you intend to overtake a car, change lanes, etc. Brake lights that are out are also very dangerous as drivers behind you won’t know that traffic is slowing down and may rear-end you.


Always check the levels of fluids in your car! Fluids are essential to protecting your car engine and make for a smooth ride.

Read our full slideshare to make sure you’ve covered all ten commandments of pre-vacation car check-up before jumping in the car this summer. Everything is checked? Are you ready to take our quiz?

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