The Geneva International Motor Show 2017 has brought its share of innovations in the automotive industry. As the exhibition ran through, Twitter got excited and shared many news! Here is a summary of the show’s most captivating tweets.
Magneti Marelli supplies technology in the fields of lighting, electronic systems, powertrain, suspension and exhaust systems. They developed new headlights with a control unit for the adaptive system, improved the readability of the infotainment screen and work on 3D technology.
They presented these new technologies during the show:



In the innovation field, the self-driving vehicles are honored! Airbus was there to present their newest projects. Since, the self-driving cars were the major trend at the show, IoT and connections where a big topic too with the development of advanced systems that make transport smarter.

In Switzerland, you can not only find beautiful cars but also really nice watches! You would ask what is the link between these two products? They have speed, the performance, the design and many other elements! Have a look at this video to learn more about it:

Dassault Systèmes partnered up during the GIMS with 3DEXPERIENCE Company. This was a fine way to visit a car without having to go inside of it, via the virtual reality! It was an immersive journey that had a great success:



Taking care of our environment is an important motto for the automotive industry nowadys! More manufacturers are working on new kind of engines and can offer new car models with reduced fuel consumption.


The GIMS was the occasion to talk about new trends and features in cars; and have a look into tomorrow’s car. Materials, designs, brand values, self-controlled cars… What do you think about these trends?



Do you know Sedric? The self-driving car is fully autonomous and is hoped to be on roads by 2025. A future not so far away!


Speaking of a near future, let’s take a look at how the future cars will look like! Some of them were shown during the GIMS!


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