Ever wonder how and where silicone is used in car manufacturing? Check out our new infographic. You can hover your cursor over different parts of the image to discover where silicone is used in a car:

As you explore our infographic, you will soon learn that many parts in a vehicle are made from silicone and even require silicone in their manufacturing processes. Therefore, it’s safe to say that our silicone products here at Elkem Silicones run the automotive world and are an essential part of our cars.

Find silicones in many car parts!

  • Engines: Silicone is used to manufacture gaskets, hoses and seals thanks to its essential properties such as resistance to extreme temperatures and thermal insulation which allow these parts to operate properly. Learn more about these applications in our article on how silicones are used in car engines.
  • LEDs: Using silicone in the potting and encapsulation of LEDs protects them from vibration, extreme temperatures and air. It also makes it easier to assemble them with other electronic components.
  • Tires: Silicones cannot be found as a component in tires; however, they are used as release agents during the manufacturing process. Once raw materials are assembled they are cured in a mold. Inside the mold is a bladder which, as it inflates, pushes the raw material against the sides of the mold to give shape to the tire. In order to remove the tire from the mold and to detach it from the bladder, silicones are needed because of their slippery properties. For more information on this process, check out our infographic on the tire manufacturing process.
  • Airbags: Airbag fabric is coated with silicone products to prevent fabric from tearing under the high temperatures that are triggered when the airbag is released. Not only does silicone increase the heat resistance of an airbag but it also ensures passengers are not exposed to burns, especially in the face.
  • Sensors: Silicone is used to encapsulate sensors thanks to its anti-yellowing and transparency properties.
  • Paints: Silicones are added to paint to give it an oiler consistency and to prevent it from mixing with water.

You can also find silicones in a wide range of car cosmetics for sprucing up your car. Silicone-based cosmetics are used to clean and add enhanced shine to your car. In addition, silicones also have anti-foam properties and are therefore put in fuel to prevent flooding. Lastly, silicones are used on textiles to keep them looking new longer and to protect fabric from the effects of poor aging.

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