Fast-emerging digital ecosystems are revolutionizing the automotive industry and the way consumers buy cars. Increasingly empowered, consumers are demanding personalized, remote services for their vehicle that they can arrange in just a few clicks. It’s not just a means of getting around they are looking for but rather a smart vehicle capable of communicating with its surroundings. As a result, car manufacturers are working with third party service providers to offer potential buyers an array of services based on digital technology, thus looking to reinvent their solutions to meet the new demands being swept in by the era of digital disruption.

So, why go digital anyway?

Major tech firms like Google, Apple and Uber have created services via online apps that have changed the face of the supply and demand model. This innovation has gradually taken hold of the automotive industry. Car manufacturers must now offer their consumers an entire mobility ecosystem, one that is digitally connected to a plethora of service providers to make car maintenance easy. Imagine a smart car that allows you to fill up your tank without getting out of your car, or that reminds you to get your car serviced or that even brings the car washer to you! This new social and collaborative economic model drives industrial heads to integrate into their strategies new ways of using our cars.

What digital services exist for the automotive industry?

Concierge apps are taking car maintenance to the next level Instead of having to use individual apps for each service, you can use a single concierge app as a one-stop shop for all your car maintenance needs. These apps provide an expansive package of services. For example, thanks to geolocation technology car owners can summon an attendant to their car to fill up their fuel tank or wash their car, without even having to be present! They can even arrange for their cars to be picked up for servicing and then dropped off again, whether in the same or a different location. Manufacturers also offer post-sales servicing, after-hours call centers, premium assistance and parking valets, among others.

This ‘concierge’ technology is made possible thanks to a coded, single-use digital key, which the service provider can use to access the vehicle in a specific location and at a specific time. This location- and time-specific system safeguards against any mishaps and allows car owners to manage all their car maintenance needs remotely.

Moreover, Google offers a new app which provides your car with artificial intelligence on board. In addition to car consoles and infotainment systems, this new app goes further by providing control features, such as seat positioning and temperature (combined with smart fabrics), and voice control services, such as asking for directions, making phone calls and searching on the go.

Lastly, when it comes to car sharing, shared-auto apps allow passengers to control inside temperature, play music and personalize the trip to their individual likings.

In light of all these new and exciting innovations, the face of the automotive industry will change as car manufacturers adapt to the new demands. Wherever digital disruption may lead, Elkem Silicones will be alongside car manufacturers to help them develop products to improve their digital services. And to think, the possibilities are endless…

Clément Midroit

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