Elkem Silicones debuts its very first ebook dedicated to presenting and analyzing the current changes in the automotive industry. Learn about the latest trends from innovation in materials to lightweighting and new mobility services by downloading our ebook.

All the new trends in the automotive industry in one ebook

Today’s automotive industry is focused on integrating new technology into its vehicles to enhance performance and reduce fuel consumption while protecting the environment and of course ensuring safety.  One of the major methods for achieving all of these goals is to make cars lighter in weight.


In the race to lightweight cars, innovation plays a key role. New, lighter materials are being developed and engines are being downsized. The stakes are high but need to be tackled if the automotive industry wants to keep up with technological change and new consumer and environmental demands. To help the automotive industry in its quest for lighter cars, Elkem Silicones has adapted to the changing times and offers flexible products suited for a wide range of automotive applications.

To prove it and make sure we extensively cover the subject, our ebook is divided up into 3 main sections: materials innovation in the automotive industry, lightweighting vehicles reduces energy consumption, and new mobility will transform the way we use our cars.

5 reasons (at least) to download our ebook

What’s more, here are 5 reasons why you should get your hands on a copy of our ebook:

  1. Download is 100% free of charge.
  2. The book features a modern design and layout for easy reading.
  3. You will learn about the changing trends in the industry and how to adapt to them.
  4. The book highlights snippets of interesting facts and statistics.
  5. You will benefit from Elkem Silicones’ expertise in the automotive industry.

‘The times, they are a changin’, so don’t get left behind. Download our ebook and get ahead in the race to lightweight cars.

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