These days, when people shop around for a new car, they’re still mainly looking for features such as car performance, comfort and design to make driving as comfortable and safe as possible. Technology, of course, enhances these essential requirements, but it is also a key driver in adding new features like a connected dashcam that takes comfort, safety – and fun – one step further!

The dashcam, growing very fast in some parts of the world, is a case in point. The dashcam is a camera integrated into the rear-view mirror that can record both front and rear footage, inside and outside the car, like a CCTV camera.

Connected dashcam for road movies on social media

This technological innovation allows drivers to take pictures or record videos of themselves in the car, which they can then share on social media. For people who love to stay connected at all times, the dashcam will be a real selling point for new cars.

Connected dashcam: more safety and lower insurance costs

Beyond social media and recreational use, the dashcam records real-time events, thus protecting people from insurance fraud, theft and even carjacking. In certain parts of the world, in particular in Russia and Asia, they are seen as an essential safety feature. They protect people from a fender bender that wasn’t their fault, but are also useful for insurers who want to avoid fraud. In fact, in some countries, having a connected dashcam can actually lower insurance premiums!

Connected and protected

For this technology to work reliably and properly, whether for social media or to record an accident or dangerous behavior, it has to be protected from deteriorating, aging and damage from external hazards. Silicone solutions are essential in shielding onboard and embedded technological and electronic components, enabling better encapsulation because of its dielectric properties, which insulate and protect electronics from environmental aggression.

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